IMPROV Teacher

I love teaching improv to students who love the art form. I seek to help them let improv serve them in whatever way suits them. I excel at helping students find their unique voice. I love long form especially and value the lessons of short form. Improv as an art form can be one of the most amazing things to be part of and to witness. It is an invaluable tool for writers, actors, directors - I guess anybody and everybody, really.

I’ve taught improv since 1996 for The Annoyance Theatre and The Second City. I’ve traveled nationally and internationally to theaters and festivals. I bring to class a background that includes dance, singing, music and acting.

Contact me to set up workshops and classes. I love to travel and would be thrilled to bring my organic approach to you.



The skillset of improvisers is universal in helping people communicate clearly from their authentic selves. Improv requires agility and adaptability. It teaches you confidence, grace and humor.

I am a freelance facilitator in the corporate world and have been since 1995. I work with companies and groups large and small and across all disciplines.

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It’s been said that a director is only as good as her cast and I have been very lucky to have worked with some incredibly talented improvisers, writers, comedic actors and musicians. This kind of collaboration absolutely feeds me. I’ve helped create entire musicals from nothing (Kink), and jumped in where music has already been written and a rough story line developed (The Perfect Wave). I’ve guided improvisers to hone their material and create solo sketch shows with a variety of characters (Big Mistake). I’ve directed fully fleshed out ideas for video as well.

Shirley Lame @ Lyric Hyperion

October 17, 19 & 21